Welcome to the Garage Press

Having been a collector of books and ephemera from an early age it seemed not unreasonable to create my own publications, that is, as soon as the practicabilities of the computer and the inkjet process gained maturity. Garage Press started life when the only process of scanning entailed small, hand held instruments and even smaller memory banks.

It soon became apparent that even with this modest beginning a new graphic evolution was possible, not only within the multi layering of computer graphics, but also containing a formidable reproductive process.

The date of publication of Garage Press productions are often a decade or so later than the initial concepts, thus having within them the luxury of an evolution. Certain titles came to fruition through much experimentation, such as The Animorphic Ornament, The Dolls House (of which there are three different versions).

The following volumes featured in garage-press.uk show on average, one third of each volume's content (where the bulk of the work is the main reason for a graphic publication). In, mainly the reproduction of words, a small selection of text follows relevant graphic materials I.e. end papers, dust jackets etc so as to give some idea of the final result.

The Garage Press site does not allow any direct communication but does give the web site address for a comprehensive description of each item and any other relevant information. All publications are hand bound with individual dust jackets etc. The information site will give full details, as some items have decorative embossed motives and other refinements.

The Editor